Discover Sundsvall: A Gem in Sweden's Crown


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    What is Sundsvall

    Nestled in the heart of Västernorrland County, Sundsvall stands as a testament to resilience and beauty. Known affectionately as 'Stenstaden' or 'Stone City', Sundsvall's rich history dates back to its charter in 1621. The city, rebuilt in stone after the devastating fire of 1888, exudes a unique charm that blends its historical roots with modern vibrancy.

    Where is Sundsvall

    Located 395 km north of Stockholm, Sundsvall is a jewel on the Gulf of Bothnia's coast. It's not just a geographical location; it's a gateway to the enchanting landscapes of Medelpad province and the bustling life of Västernorrland County.

    Sundsvall in Sweden

    How to Get to Sundsvall

    Reaching Sundsvall is a journey through Sweden's picturesque landscapes. Whether you're flying into the Sundsvall-Timrå Airport or driving along scenic routes, each path to Sundsvall promises an adventure. The city's accessibility makes it a perfect starting point for explorers and families alike.

    Things to Do in Sundsvall

    Stroll through Stenstaden: The heart of Sundsvall, with its stone buildings, offers a walk through history.

    Visit the Kulturmagasinet

    Kulturmagasinet in Sundsvall is a cultural hub, housing the Sundsvall Museum and Library. This architectural marvel, a symbol of the city's rebirth, offers a deep dive into local history and culture. It's a must-visit for anyone keen to understand Sundsvall's rich heritage.

    Explore the Mid Sweden University Campus

    Mid Sweden University's campus in Sundsvall reflects a blend of modern education and historical ambiance. Established in 1993, it's a collaboration between Östersund, Sundsvall, and Härnösand, offering diverse programs and a vibrant student life in this historic city.

    Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall

    Attend Festivals

    Sundsvall's cultural scene is vibrant, highlighted by festivals like Nordfest and Musikschlaget. Nordfest, a heavy metal festival, and Musikschlaget, a unique contest for groups with disabilities, showcase the city's diverse musical heritage and inclusive spirit.


    Stenstan, or 'Stone City', is Sundsvall's historic heart. Rebuilt in stone after the 1888 fire, its charming streets and buildings narrate stories of resilience. Today, Stenstan is a bustling area filled with shops, cafes, and a glimpse into the city's past.

    Norra Berget

    Norra Berget offers a panoramic view of Sundsvall and its surroundings. This northern hill is not just a viewpoint but a cultural destination, featuring open-air museums and traditional Swedish buildings, making it a perfect spot for history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

    Norra Berget Viewpoint


    Högom is a significant historical site near Sundsvall, known for its ancient burial mounds. Dating back to the Iron Age, it provides a fascinating glimpse into the region's early history and is an essential visit for archaeology and history buffs.

    Sports Enthusiasts' Haven

    For sports fans, Sundsvall is paradise. Home to GIF Sundsvall (association football) and Sundsvall Dragons (basketball), the city thrives on sporting events. These clubs not only offer thrilling matches but also unite the community under the banner of sportsmanship.

    Sundsvall Museum

    Located within the Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall Museum is a treasure trove of local history and art. It showcases everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary exhibitions, offering insights into the region's cultural and historical evolution.

    Museum in Sundsvall

    Weather in Sundsvall

    Sundsvall's climate, influenced by the Gulf Stream, ranges from subarctic to humid continental. Summers are mild, perfect for exploring the city, while winters, though cold, offer a snowy wonderland.


    Sundsvall, with its rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful landscapes, is a must-visit destination in Sweden. It's a city that offers something for everyone – history buffs, culture enthusiasts, sports fans, and nature lovers.

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