Get the Best Camper & RV Accessories

What’s cinnamon without cardamom? What’s a bow without an arrow? What’s a tale without a twist? Precisely! The most exquisite campers and motorhomes in Sweden remain incomplete without the premier extras to complement them!

Do you require a state-of-the-art GPS system to ensure you stay on track amidst the Nordic landscapes? A child seat to guarantee your young one's safety during the journey? Or perhaps a table and chairs, allowing any Swedish vista to transform into your ideal picnic spot?

We possess every camper and RV accessory you could imagine, ensuring that your self-drive excursion across Sweden is not just memorable, but a triumph in every sense, for both you and every member of your adventure group.


Collision insurance

SCDW Insurance

Want less liability? This insurance offers the same coverage as the CDW insurance included in all of our motorhome rentals, but with less liability.

An extra driver

Additional Driver

One main driver is covered under our standard agreement. However, this extra allows you to add another driver to your trip depending on the motorhome rental you choose.


Bed Linen Pack

Save space in your luggage! We offer linen packs which consist of a pillow, sheets, covers and a blanket.


Towel Pack

Don’t want to fill up your bags with towels? That’s OK! We can provide you with one large or small towel, depending on the vehicle you decide to rent.

Chairs and table

Table And Chair Set

Sit out and enjoy the beautiful sun in Sweden. We offer a table and chair set that will allow you to relax outdoors—ideal for picnics, barbecues or gathering with friends.

Extra GPS

Garmin GPS

No matter what adventures you get up to on your journey, the Garmin GPS will make sure you don’t lose your way!

Child Seat

Child Seat

Law requires that all children shorter than 135cm travel in a child seat. We’ll need your child's height and weight information in order to provide you with an appropriate and comfortable child seat so that your child is secure at all times in the vehicle.

Feel safe from the very beginning

What’s an expedition through Sweden's enchanting landscapes in a state-of-the-art camper or motorhome if it's filled with worry at every turn?

Sweden is not just a journey; it's an experience, marked by its deep-rooted history, diverse topography, and the wild elements that crown this Nordic gem. It's these very elements that highlight the need for a fitting insurance package, crafted to your unique journey.

Planning a cultural escapade from Malmö to Stockholm? Our basic CDW insurance might be just what you need! Intending to venture deeper into the Arctic Circle or the untouched wilderness of Lapland? We'd recommend our Total Coverage insurance package. This ensures neither the chill nor the unpredictable Swedish terrains dampen your adventure spirit!

Let’s go on an adventure!

Unbeatable prices. Premium customer service.


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