Discovering Sweden's Spectacular Waterfalls: A Journey Through Nature's Masterpieces

Waterfalls in Sweden

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    Sweden, a land of breathtaking natural beauty, is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in Scandinavia. From the majestic Tännforsen to the serene Ängebyfallet, each waterfall presents a unique spectacle, making Sweden a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike. In this article, we'll explore the top waterfalls in Sweden, offering insights into their locations, features, and the experiences they offer. 

    Whether you're a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, these waterfalls are must-visit destinations.


    Krokströmmen, known for its sheer power, is the most powerful waterfall in Sweden. With a flow rate of 90 cubic meters per second, it's a sight to behold. Situated in Värmland, this waterfall is a testament to nature's force. 

    The surrounding area, rich in flora and fauna, offers a perfect backdrop for picnics and nature walks. Krokströmmen's thunderous roar and dynamic environment are captivating for all visitors.


    Tännforsen, the largest waterfall in Sweden, is a marvel of nature located in Jämtland. With a drop of 65 meters, it presents a stunning display of power and beauty. Surrounded by lush forests and wildlife, Tännforsen is not just a visual treat but also a haven for nature enthusiasts. 

    The trails around the waterfall offer spectacular views and are perfect for a refreshing hike. Don't forget to capture the rainbow that often adorns the waterfall, adding to its enchanting allure.

    Tannforsen Waterfall


    Vitsandsfallet, a series of cascading waterfalls, offers a total drop of 80 meters. Located in Dalarna, it's a picturesque site where water gracefully flows over multiple levels. 

    The surrounding area, with its vibrant greenery and tranquil atmosphere, is ideal for a day of exploration and relaxation. Vitsandsfallet's multi-tiered structure provides a unique and photogenic landscape.


    Bredfallet, with its 40-meter drop, is a hidden treasure in Västerbotten. This waterfall is known for its serene beauty and the soothing sound of falling water. The hike to Bredfallet is an experience in itself, offering peaceful walks through Sweden's enchanting forests. 

    Its understated elegance makes Bredfallet a perfect spot for those seeking a quiet retreat in nature.


    Njupeskär, standing as the highest waterfall in Sweden, boasts a drop of 128 meters. Located in the remote but beautiful region of Lapland, it's a hidden gem for those seeking tranquility amidst nature. 

    The hike to Njupeskär is as rewarding as the waterfall itself, with scenic views and a chance to immerse in Sweden's pristine wilderness. Its towering presence and serene environment make it a top pick for waterfall enthusiasts.

    Njupeskar Waterfall in Sweden


    Råån, a series of small but charming waterfalls, has a total drop of 20 meters. Located in Skåne, this waterfall is a testament to the diverse natural landscapes of Sweden. Its gentle cascades and picturesque surroundings are perfect for a leisurely day out.


    Ängebyfallet, with a 15-meter drop, is a quaint waterfall in Närke. It's a lesser-known spot, offering a peaceful environment away from the crowds. The waterfall's serene setting is ideal for contemplation and connecting with nature.

    Näsets Fall

    Näsets Fall, a 10-meter waterfall in Västergötland, is a delightful spot near Göteborg. It's a great addition to any travel itinerary, offering a quick nature fix. The waterfall's accessibility and charming environment make it a popular choice for short visits.


    Trollhättan, a series of waterfalls with a total drop of 32 meters, is located in Västra Götaland. Known for its historical significance and natural beauty, it's a must-visit for both history buffs and nature lovers. The falls' dramatic scenery and historical context add to their allure.



    Kulforsen, a charming waterfall in Jämtland, features a 30-meter drop. It's a delightful spot for travelers looking to experience the beauty of Sweden's waterfalls without venturing too far into the wilderness. The accessibility and picturesque setting of Kulforsen make it a family-friendly destination.


    Getfällan, with a 25-meter drop, is a captivating waterfall located in Västerbotten. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the surrounding lush landscape. Ideal for a quick escape into nature, Getfällan offers a tranquil environment to unwind and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature.


    Brännströmmarna, with a series of cascades totaling 10 meters, is situated in Norrbotten. This waterfall is a hidden gem, offering a serene and untouched natural environment. Its secluded location makes it an ideal spot for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature.

    Exploring the waterfalls in Sweden is an unforgettable experience, offering a blend of adventure, tranquility, and natural beauty. Each waterfall has its unique charm, making them perfect destinations for travelers of all kinds. 

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