Exploring Sweden by Train: Your Guide to Scenic Journeys

Sweden by Train

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    Sweden, with its vast landscapes, charming towns, and vibrant cities, is a dream destination for train travel. Whether you're looking for breathtaking views, cultural experiences, or simply a relaxing way to get around, Sweden's extensive railway network has something to offer everyone.

    Traveling through Sweden by train is not just a journey; it's an experience that encompasses the beauty, culture, and spirit of this Scandinavian nation.

    With an extensive and efficient rail network, train travel in Sweden offers a unique perspective on the country’s diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to serene Arctic wilderness.

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    Planning Your Rail Trip: Popular Lines 

    Sweden's train system connects major cities and remote areas, offering various routes to suit any itinerary. Popular lines include the high-speed trains from Stockholm to Gothenburg and the scenic routes that traverse the length of the country up to the Arctic Circle.

    Sweden's railway system is efficient and well-connected, covering most of the country. Popular routes include:

    • The Southern Main Line: Connecting Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, this route offers glimpses of coastal scenery and charming towns.
    • The Inland Line: This scenic route winds its way through forests and mountains, connecting Mora and Gällivare.
    • The Bothnia Line: Travel north from Stockholm along the coast to Umeå, with stops in historical cities like Uppsala and Sundsvall.
    • The Arctic Circle Train: Take an overnight journey from Stockholm to Luleå or Narvik, crossing the Arctic Circle and experiencing the wonders of Lapland.

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    Booking Tickets: SJ, Eurail, Interrail & More

    SJ (Statens Järnvägar) is Sweden’s primary train operator, offering convenient online booking. Eurail and Interrail passes provide flexible options for international travelers, allowing extensive travel across multiple destinations in Sweden and Scandinavia.

    There are several ways to book train tickets in Sweden:

    • SJ: The national railway operator, SJ, offers tickets on its website and mobile app.
    • Eurail and Interrail Passes: These passes provide flexible travel on trains across multiple European countries, including Sweden.
    • Regional Train Companies: Some regional train companies offer their own tickets and passes.

    Regional trains might have their own charming ticket booths, each a chance to practice your "tack så mycket!" (thank you very much!).

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    Budgeting for a Swedish Train Travel

    Train travel in Sweden can be a harmonious blend of affordability and luxury, depending on your chosen tempo. Booking your tickets in advance is like finding a hidden treasure chest of discounts, and group travel lets you share the melody with friends, making it even sweeter. 

    Train travel in Sweden can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the route, season, and type of ticket. Consider:

    • Advance purchase discounts: Booking tickets in advance can save you money.
    • Group discounts: Traveling in a group can make train travel more affordable.
    • Rail passes: If you plan on doing a lot of train travel, a rail pass can be a good value.

    A Guide to Sweden's Rail Passes

    There are various options available, choosing the right one can feel like deciphering ancient runes. Fear not, intrepid traveler, for this guide will illuminate the world of Swedish rail passes!

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    The Two Titans: Eurail vs Interrail

    Eurail Pass

    Embrace the freedom to explore not just Sweden, but a multitude of European countries. This pass caters to non-European residents, whisking you away on train journeys across the continent.

    Prices vary depending on the number of travel days (3-15 days) and your chosen pass coverage (Select Pass for specific countries or Global Pass for all Eurail countries). Expect to pay €215 for a 3-day Select Pass to Sweden and €579 for a 7-day Global Pass.

    Interrail Pass

    This pass is exclusive to European residents, offering the same multi-country travel magic as Eurail. Choose between a One Country Pass for Sweden-only adventures or a Global Pass for Europe-wide exploration. Prices range from €195 for a 3-day One Country Pass to €528 for a 7-day Global Pass.

    Regional Gems

    While Eurail and Interrail reign supreme for multi-country adventures, regional passes unveil the charm of specific Swedish regions. These passes often cater to shorter durations and specific routes, making them ideal for focused explorations.

    • SJ Rail Pass: Offered by the national railway operator SJ, this pass grants unlimited travel within Sweden for 10, 20, or 30 consecutive days. Prices start from SEK 2,995 (around €300) for a 10-day Adult Pass.
    • Gothenburg Pass: Explore Gothenburg and its surrounding region with this convenient pass, offering free public transport, discounts on attractions, and even a Gothenburg City Card for free museum entries. Prices start from SEK 395 (around €40) for a 24-hour pass.
    • Skånetrafik Tourist Card: Immerse yourself in southern Sweden with this pass, valid for travel on trains and buses in the Skåne region. Prices start from SEK 269 (around €27) for a 24-hour pass.

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    Sweden Must-See Destinations by Train:


    The grand dame of Sweden, Stockholm attractions, waltzes you through cobbled streets and Gamla Stan's (Old Town) medieval magic. Visit the Vasa Museum, a majestic warship risen from the deep, or Fotografiska's contemporary lens on the world.

    Trains from Stockholm connect to various destinations, making it an ideal starting point for your Swedish adventure.


    This vibrant port city of Gothenburg swings to a jazzy beat. Take a spin on Liseberg amusement park's thrilling rides, savor delectable seafood at Feskekôrka market, or get lost in the colorful Haga district's wooden houses.

    The train journey to Gothenburg showcases Sweden’s picturesque west coast.


    Modern and Malmöhus Castle-proud, this city bridges the gap to Copenhagen with the iconic Øresund Bridge. Explore its trendy shops, stroll through Kungsparken's verdant embrace, or ascend the Turning Torso skyscraper for panoramic views.

    Malmö's proximity to Copenhagen also makes it a great stop for those looking to explore Denmark.

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    Kiruna & Abisko

    Embark on an Arctic escapade in Kiruna, a town literally on the move! Hike the trails of Abisko National Park, experience the midnight sun, northern lights, and pristine wilderness with unique train routes like the Arctic Circle Train.

    Scenic Sojourns:

    Sweden's train journeys are like paintings come to life. The Inlandsbanan whisks you past emerald valleys and snow-capped peaks, while the Arctic Circle Train paints the aurora borealis onto your memory. Each bend reveals a new masterpiece, a testament to Sweden's natural beauty.

    Slumber on Rails:

    Let the rhythmic clickety-clack lull you to sleep on a cozy sleeper train. The Arctic Circle Train and the Night Train to Berlin are lullabies on wheels, transporting you to new destinations while you dream. Wake up refreshed, ready to explore with newfound energy.

    For longer journeys, sleeper trains offer a comfortable and time-efficient way to travel. Enjoy the Swedish landscape by day, and rest in a cozy berth by night.

    Day Trip Dabbling:

    Trains from major cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg offer easy day trips to charming towns and historical sites. Destinations like Uppsala, Sigtuna, and Marstrand are just a short train ride away.

    From Uppsala's venerable university to Sigtuna's Viking heritage, charming towns and historical gems are just a train ride away from major cities. Each destination adds a verse to your Swedish adventure, enriching your tapestry of experiences.

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    Practical Tips & Insider Knowledge

    Swedish train stations are well-equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, eateries, and lounges. Information desks at major stations like Stockholm Central can provide assistance and maps.

    • Onboard Amenities & Services: Modern trains offer comfortable seating, dining options, and entertainment. Wi-Fi is widely available, allowing travelers to stay connected throughout their journey.
    • Local Train Etiquette & Travel Hacks: Understanding local etiquette, such as queuing for boarding and respecting quiet zones, can enhance your travel experience. Packing light and keeping essentials handy are key tips for train travel in Sweden.
    • Language & Currency Essentials: While Swedish is the local language, English is widely spoken, especially in the rail system. Sweden uses the Swedish Krona (SEK), and most trains accept cards, but having some cash is advisable for smaller stations or rural areas.

    Get On board!

    Traveling through Sweden by train offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's natural beauty and cultural richness. It’s a journey that promises comfort, convenience, and a treasure trove of memories.

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